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Travel in Spain 2019
Article mis en ligne le 7 mai 2019
dernière modification le 8 mai 2019

par Classe EURO

We, pupils in 3°3, were with the 3°4 in Spain with miss OGEARD, miss LIGOT, miss VERNEY, and miss GARNIER on sunday 10 March 2019 at 10pm. We arrived at 7am and we took the breakfast in a restaurant who we gave a chocolate con churros. After, we went to visit the Barrio Gotico, the old district, with a guid. We ate in the park of cuitadella. Afternoons, we walked on Ramblas and we visited the Boqueria, a coverd marcket. the night, we met our family who were very nice.
On Tuesday, we visited and we had a free time in the old Tarragona. For lunch, we made our own paella and a salad. Afternoon, we had a guided tour around the old Tarragona. after the visit, we went at the beach. A few pupils swam but it was cold.
On wednesday, we went at Camp Nou, the football stadium. For lunch, we went an we visited to the Pueblo Espanol, it is a open air museum with all architecture of Spain. Then, we walked until the Montjuic for take the bus. The bus drove us at the Parque Guell. It’s a beautiful park with a lot of colors and monuments.
On thursday, we went, in bus, at Dali’s museum in Figueres, it’s a strange museum because there are eggs on the batiments and a lot of other strange things ! After, we went at the city of Cadaques and we ate at the little beach. We walked next to the sea. It was beautiful and funny because we danced.
On friday, we visited Casa mila a house museum of Gaudi. After lunch, we had a long free time on Las Ramblas. After we visited the Sagrada familia, it’s a big and famous church. Then, the teacher showed us a flamenco show.
Finally, we took the bus for return at Lyon at 8 pm.

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