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Le collège les quatre vents à l’Arbresle (Rhône), à 30 km de Lyon. Le site est destiné aux élèves, parents d’élèves, aux enseignants et aux différents personnels du collège.

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Voyages en Angleterre 2019 : Les familles

Un point important du voyage : nos familles d’accueil.

Article mis en ligne le 7 mai 2019
dernière modification le 8 mai 2019

par Classe EURO

After a first long day in Canterbury and Whitstable, we met the host families. Jordan, Titouan and we met Rod who was tall and cool. We could easily speak with him. We also met his wife, Tina. They gave us some rules but not a lot. They had two lovely cats and a dog. In their house there was carpet almost everywhere, even in the bathroom. We ate very good and too much potatoes and pasta. The bedroom was really comfortable.
We played Scrabble on tuesday. It was the best moment. It was difficult but they were very kind and helped us when we had problems. Finally, we took prizes.
On Wednesday, we met Tina’s daughter and we played at the English "petit bac" : the Scattergories. It was also very fun and Aubin was better than Kira !
The last evening, we talked with them about our families, France... and we gave to us presents like nougat, jam... It was a warm evening to share with Tina and Rod.
On friday morning, we were sad to leave them because they were the coolest host family in England.