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Le collège les quatre vents à l’Arbresle (Rhône), à 30 km de Lyon. Le site est destiné aux élèves, parents d’élèves, aux enseignants et aux différents personnels du collège.

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Our travel in England !!!

During 1 week, from Monday March 10th to Friday March 16th, we went in South England.

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The first day, we mainly visited Canterbury, where we ate an english breakfast in a pub. When the hunger was gone, we could finally do a treasure hunt between the old and beautiful streets of this small and rustic city !

We spent 3 days in London. During these days, we crossed London and went everywhere in its center. We did two famous museums, the National Gallery where many famous paintings are exposed from the best painters in the world, and the Natural History Museum, with many dinosaur’s skeletons and the famous "Lucy" one.

The last day, we visited Brighton, a coastal town in South England. There, we went in Brighton "Sea Life Center" a nice aquarium close to the sea. We saw also many nice graffitis on the walls.

Let’s have a look on the highlights of the week :

-The first day, in Canterbury, where we ate the famous english breakfast, which tastes absolutely good.
-The Natural History Museum, with its huge dinosaur’s skeletons. The most impressive is the blue whale one in the entrance, which is roped to the ceiling, above everyone.
-The last day, in Brighton, we ate the most typical British dish, the Fish and Chips.

Kilian & Aurélian