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An extraordinary travel to Spain 2019

voyage espagne

Article mis en ligne le 7 mai 2019
dernière modification le 8 mai 2019

par Classe EURO

Our trip to Spain

From 10 to 16 March, the 3°3 and the 3°4 went to Spain with Mrs Ogeard, Ligot, Garnier and Verney. We visited a lot of monuments like the Sagrada Familia and the Casa Mila and many others. This travel was very cool but the time in the bus was very long.
Every groups of students had one Spanish family who live in Sabadell, next to Barcelona.
We discovered Barcelona, Cadaquès, Figuéres, Tarragona.
My favorite day was the fourth when we went into cadaques and Dali’s museum in Figueres.
I think that all pupils liked the journey but we were a little diappointed because when we visited the Camp Nou, we couldn’t visit all stadium.
Every days, at lunch, we ate picnic. During the travel, we had to full fill a lot of papers for the travelogue. It was a very great travel. I didn’t like the flamenco show because it was too soft and boring. But everything else was funny.I think that my travel to Italy in 2017 was as good but I prefered something in Italy and somethig in Spain.
We walk a lot of every days, it was tiring.We could go to beach in Tarragona and Cadaques.The most courageous went into the water which was very cold. In the bus, we slept, we listened to music, we played with our phone and we watched "Les chti’s 1" .After this travel, we had to creat and write a book about our travel(travelogue).I hope you will do one travel in 3° because it’s very cool and funny. Thank you !!!!

Justine Bonnet 3°3

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