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Le collège les quatre vents à l’Arbresle (Rhône), à 30 km de Lyon. Le site est destiné aux élèves, parents d’élèves, aux enseignants et aux différents personnels du collège.

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Trip in england

Four classes of 3° were in england in March. We talked about our travel.

Article mis en ligne le 7 mai 2019
dernière modification le 8 mai 2019

par Classe EURO

We went in england from 10 to 16 march 2019. The first day, we went in Canterbury to eat an english breakfast. It was very good. Yummy ! We visited this city with orientate run. We ate a picnic in front of sea in Whistable. In aftrenoon, we had a free time in the street of this city and we drunk a good hot chocolate. Aftrer we went in Tunbrigde Wells for meet our family !

For the first day in London, We started with the famous big Ben but it was in renovotion. We saw a manifestation for against the Brexit beacause it waqs the day of the members of parlements vote for the Brexit. We walked in St James Park to Buckingham Palace. Because it was raining, we ate in the crypte in a church. wE went in the National Gallery.

The second day in London, We visited the History Natural Museum and we ate in the Hyde park in front of the Lady Diana memorial. in the aftrenoon, we had a very long free time in the long Oxford street, it’s a big street of shopping, so we bougth a memories and other things. We went in the bus for come back to the family.

For the last day in London, we walked a very long time in front of the Thames. We saw the Globes, the Sharks and the London Bridge.

Clementine and Salomé